% Reflections on Thanksgiving % Dorothy Day

The Catholic Worker, 1936, 1939, 1941, 1945

Summary: A selection of texts on the theme of thanksgiving. (DDLW #869).

Dorothy Day held a deep gratitude for all things, even tribulation, which sprang from her deep conviction of God’s love for the earth itself and all the people on it. She possessed a visceral knowledge of and thankfulness for God’s providence. God gave gifts abundantly; all is gift.

“Notes By The Way - September 1945”   DOC #414

Summary: Describes the celebrations taking place in New York City following the announcement of the end of the Second World War. Writes about pilgrimages and their pilgrimage in thanksgiving for peace as well as in penance for having used the atomic bomb–a ten mile walk in the city at night accompanied by song and prayer. Gives accolades for the cooks, the volunteers at the farm, and those in the city.

“Day After Day - November 1941”   DOC #376

Summary: Renews opposition to peacetime conscription and urges readers to write the government, talk about it at meetings, and pray and do penance–“This program is open to us all.” Enrolls her daughter in a “domestic science” school in Montreal. Includes a canticle of thanksgiving about little beauties in the city.

“Thanksgiving Dinner and Other Things”   DOC #351

Summary: Describes their Thanksgiving feast. Despite the fact that donations were sparse, all enjoy a filling, yet sober, celebration. Notes the beginning of Advent and thoughts of feasting turn to fasting. Describes her speaking tour of New England, meditates on the virtues of manual labor, and reminds her readers that the truckmen of Burlington are suffering real privation during their strike.

“Day After Day - November 1936”   DOC #307

Summary: Reflections on our being children of one Father, thanksgiving, the worth of spreading the “Christian revolution” by distributing the Catholic Worker paper, distributing clothes, and other stories of life on Mott Street.